Monday, November 23, 2015

PSA for Music Lovers

My dream is finally coming true: The Last Shadow Puppets are returning with another record!

Who are The Last Shadow Puppets, you ask? It's a small, British supergroup comprised of the lead singer and guitarist for the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner; current solo artist Miles Kane, who is perhaps best known for his work with The Rascals; and Simian Mobile Disco member James Ford. They dropped The Age of the Understatement in 2008, and it is fantastic. My personal favorite track is My Mistakes Were Made For You, but there isn't a bad song on there.

All three bandmates have expressed the desire to work together again, but after the Age of the Understatement tour, they all pursued their separate careers for several years. The Arctic Monkeys have been particularly successful, with their latest record (AM, 2013) making waves on a global scale. Thankfully, for obsessive freaks like me, AM was so successful that the band has been taking a break from recording since then, leaving Alex Turner with an open schedule for returning to The Last Shadow Puppets. He did, they've recorded, and we can expect the as-yet-unnamed record to drop sometime in 2016! Cue dancing in circles around my bewildered husband...

Bonus track, because I couldn't actually pick a favorite (the song starts around the 1:49 mark): Standing Next To Me

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